Thursday, 9 February 2017

Year A - Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time

1st Reading Isaiah 58.7-10
Psalm 111
 2nd Reading: 1 Corinthians 2.1-5 
Gospel: Matthew 5.13-16

To go further

-This rabbit goes from a neutral landscape (there is nothing behind him) to the outskirts of a menacing and ever-darkening forest. There are 13 pairs of eyes fixed on him.
 -The attitude of the rabbit is hesitant. His ears all crumpled, his body folded backwards, as if everything in him was resisting. His eyes look elsewhere.
 -The sky becomes grey, the road becomes darker.
-Only one thing seems firm and solid, the sign “MISSION”, upright and colourful, planted in the middle of the road (usually they are placed at the edge).
-When we read the letters of Saint Paul, we are mostly taken by their vivacity, their solidity, their directness and incisiveness. And there, he tells us that he is timid and trembling. It is at this moment that God can take place. That which we consider as a weakness is, in reality, a great force in the eyes of God, He who has passed this road. The force of the rabbit comes from the fact that he is sent (The “mission” sign). If he is sent, it is by someone. If that someone is God, obviously he is in the right place. Why would He send him to the middle of nowhere for no benefit?
 -Do I realise that my weakness is an occasion to let God pass in front of me, across me?
 -If I do, how do I live such a situation in my daily life?