Thursday, 9 February 2017

Year A - 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time

1st Reading: Zephaniah 2.3 ; 3.12-13
                   Psalm 145                
2nd Reading: 1 Corinthians 1.26-31 
Gospel: Matthieu 5.1-12

To go further

-The poor of heart, or spirit, is he who is aside, he who we leave alone. The poor man is he whom we do not listen to. He who has nothing for us to learn. Here, he is shown in a cave at the centre of the earth, with a microscopic gallery leading to the surface.

-He seems sad, timid, even stuck, and fearful in his regard. He has no possessions in his cave. God will come to him.

-Above the surface of the earth there are three scenes:
1. On the left, he who is rich, with his limousine, cash and safe.
2. In the middle, he who is strong, according to the world. He seduces and brings all success concerning romance.
3. To the right, he who is most powerful. He is on his throne and with his sceptre. He shouts orders, people bow before him and he is presented live-streaming on the TV.

These three people are rich, according to the criteria of our world. We would like to be like them. At new year, these are the kind of things that we wish for: Fortune, love and glory… and we think it is the real happiness.

-Jesus turned things on their head and said that the Kingdom belonged to those who were meek of heart. The gallery holds truffles, rare and highly sought mushrooms, veritable treasures which sprout around oak trees. It is the nose of a dog or pig which helps find these, thanks to the odours that these truffles leak out from the gallery and up to the surface of the earth.
-The meek heart is a sweet-smelling sacrifice for God. It is with God that the meek heart lives. He who manages to detect the odour of God in the meek of heart must have a refined and well-worked sense of smell. He must also be close to the ground, so therefore humble (which comes from the Latin for “earth”, “humus”)

-And I, what do I take from all that?