Friday, 10 March 2017

First Friday of Lent

- I will write or learn this verse.
-I will repeat this verse several times a day and I will listen to what the Lord tells me therein.
-I can put this verse into practice, if I feel it is right to do so.
-I will fill out the blank thought bubble.
-I can share my experiences (or how I tried to put this word of God into place and what benefits I then received).
A little help to understand this verse: Ezekiel was a priest who was deported to Babylon in 598 BC. In 587 he was a prophet of hope. He denounces the conduct of princes and priests and announces the coming of a good shepherd. The verse of the day is taken from an Ezekiel speech on personal responsibility. Basically, it is not the sons who have to pay for the crimes of their fathers. Everyone is responsible for their own conduct. Not only does man not bear the fault of his ancestors, but he can still be freed from the weight of his own past (by converting). The judgement of God will depend upon the disposition of the sinner's soul.