Friday, 10 March 2017

First Thursday of Lent

- I will write or learn this verse.
-I will repeat this verse several times a day and I will listen to what the Lord tells me therein.
-I can put this verse into practice, if I feel it is right to do so.
-I will fill out the blank thought bubble.
-I can share my experiences (or how I tried to put this word of God into place and what benefits I then received).

Help to understand this verse:
The book of Esther is a romanticized book with a historical form. Esther saves Israel from a catastrophe by being the instrument of God, whereas he is considered to be among the weakest beings. Esther is a very beautiful young Jewish woman. She becomes queen (without anyone knowing she is Jewish). King Ahasuerus, urged by his second, Aman, issued a decree ordering the persecution of the Jews. Esther wants to obtain the clemency of king for his people. Except that she is only allowed to appear before the king upon his order, otherwise she will die. She decides to go without being invited. She prays and fasts for three days before taking this step. This verse is taken from her prayer. (The continuation of the story is in the Bible ...)