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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Year C - Epiphany

Epiphany - Year C

Isaiah 60.1-6
Psalm 71
Ephesians 3.2…6
Matthew 2.1-12

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- As ever, upon first view, it is quite funny, yet there is something deeper beyond first glance...
- The kings are looking for the star. One has a map with a hole in it, the other doubts somewhat.
- Yet if we follow the stare of the first king, he sees much further than the map. With his right eye, he looks at you, and with his left eye, he seem to look further still, to the sky. You decide...
- The star which he seeks has six points, just as the star of David.
- In the cartoon, all the stars have 5 points, except for two. One has 8 and we can easily find it.
- If you are still looking for the star with 6 points, read on and I will tell you where it is.
We find it above God, represented in the cartoon (no really). He is represented by the question mark found in the bible verse, right up top. We cannot imagine God, so I have represented Him in this way.
- Last point, in the hole in the map, behind the rabbits head, there are no stars to be seen, because the brightest star here is the illuminated face of the rabbit who has found God.


- When you have found the star in the cartoon, can you now find the star in your life?
- How is it that the rabbit points his finger towards the star, even though the star is behind him ? I will leave that question open to you.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Year B - Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart - Year B

The heart is at the centre of the human body. You lose an eye, a hand, an ear, it is problematic but you can still live for many years. On the other hand, if your heart stops, your life stop very quickly too. This evening, I would like to speak about the immensity of Creation first of all, then as a second point to finish by talking about the biggest immensity of our Creator.

1.    The Immensity of Creation
Beginning with a little anatomy. The heart of the embryo appears as soon as the 3rd week, it is the first organ to exist. The heart plays the role of a pump. It is truly an engine which sucks and pushes around blood in the human body. 4 to 5 litres of blood are supplied throughout the body. Our blood vessels, placed end to end, measure 100, 000 km, that is two and a half times around the earth. 

These blood vessels are filled by the beating of the heart in less than a minute. What a machine! And it is really strong. Imagine if we were to place a tunnel of straws all along the church, and we breathed into it, trying to push a liquid from one end to another. It would be tiring after a time. And your heart does this on a network of 100, 000 km, without complaining, since before your birth, without one day of holiday. Fabulous !

A whales heart beats 9 times a minute, that of a shrew : 600 times. That of a human, 60 to 100 times, at rest. In a lifetime, that makes 2 billion heartbeats, difficult to imagine. Take confetti. If you had 2 billion pieces of confetti, you could carpet an average sized church and still have plenty left to start another church.

You see, God gives life to your heart which beats without us asking it to. At night, nobody thinks of the need to recharge their heart like we recharge our telephone so that it works well the following day. Since our birth (and even before) it works on its own. This is also fabulous. And to open your spirit, God gives the same movement of heart to your neighbour. Imagine the quantity of confetti if we wanted to count the number of heartbeats of everyone in our city, country, or even the planet. Add to this the heartbeats of all the animals. Even insects have a kind of heart, the membrane. And each heartbeat, each piece of confetti, He knows it. Even more than that, He is interested in it. The immensity of God. Thinking of this earlier today, I had to go for a coffee, it made my head spin so much.

2.  The greatest immensity of the Creator
I go from creation to arrive at the Creator, who had thought of all that. Today we celebrate the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The expression "Heart of Jesus" should not be restrictive. This is not the seat of His emotions, of His love.

The heart of Jesus is relative to the mystery of Christ Himself, that is to say the totality of His being compared to his intimate and essential centre. Imagine ; all I have just said being concentrated therein. Yet it is nothing compared to the Son of God, wisdom incarnated. Infinite love, principle of salvation and sanctification for all humanity. The "Heart of Christ" is identified with Christ himself, the Incarnate Word and Redeemer.

It is impossible to speak of Gods love because it is difficult to speak of something which is infinite. We can quantify the pieces of confetti to carpet a church, but we cannot quantify the love of God with pieces of confetti. 

When God loves, he engages himself.  When God created us, he committed to love us. Some people doubt the love of God because they cannot see Him. Prehistoric man did not see the planet Uranus. Yet, it really existed. The proof that God loves us, it is that he came for us even though we were sinners. (Rm 3.23) The pierced heart of Jesus, that stopped beating, it is the heart that allowed my own to beat. So there we are, our parish should be this beating heart, this place where God transmits His love.

Our community of parishes should be the district pump. The beating heart, it is that of Christ. We are the arteries, the channels, so our reason of existence is to diffuse this love.

If we draw a map of our parishes territory and where each parishioner lives, we make a mark, we can join the dots to make a network.

Around the mark where we live, there are a number of people who wait to be supplied with the same source of true love. Does this network cover the entire area? Are we concerned if there are un-supplied zones ? If I had a dry hand, it would concern me. And if it is the hand of the body of Christ ? It is our job, the arteries, to make the join with the veins. Just as, Christ, as the heart, pulls it all to Him and diffuses his infinite love in the totality of His body.

We have have this certainty of being supplied by the love which runs from the sacred heart, we are very lucky!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Year B - Blessed Sacrament

Blessed Sacrament - Year B
Exodus 24, 3-8
Psalm 115
Hebrews 9, 11-15
Mark 14, 12...26

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-A grateful rabbit. He is carrying 8 gifts.
-The 8th day is also the first of the week ; the day of the Lord. That which is particularly devoted.
-The angle of view could be that of the Lord, much closer than the rabbit imagines (who looks elsewhere, and far enough.)
-This rabbit recognises that God is at the origin of many things in his life, because he has still 3671 more gifts to get.
-We can see that the gifts on top are fruit and flowers, that is to say that they come from God, that which we cannot construct ourselves.


-During each mass, we bless the Lord who gives us bread, fruit of the earth and the work of men which actually becomes the body of Christ.
It is quite amazing, this mix between that which comes from the earth, which is the work of man (because bread doesn't simply grow). God makes use of these two elements (nature and work) to make the Temple of his presence when it is consecrated by His Spirit.
-God wants our work, our collaboration.
-Is my work for Him grafted on something He gave me ? That nature gave to me, or is it self-sufficient ?
-Do I recognise that which comes from Him ? On the Lords day, do I think less to ask him something than to say thank you ? (same for the other days…)
-In my spirit, do I give to him or do I receive ?

Monday, 25 May 2015

Year B - Blessed Trinity

Blessed Trinity - Year B
Deuteronomy 4, 32...40
Psalm 32
Romans 8, 14-17
Matthew 28, 16-20

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-We can see a car rolling at full speed. On remarque une voiture qui roule à fond la caisse. It is preparing to overtake.
-The driver is invisible (the car is not remote controlled)
-We cannot see the scenery, it is going to quickly.
-The blue rabbit is almost white with fear. He has his feet on the glove compartment (on the airbag ?) to cling as much as possible.


 -Interpretation ; this car, it is his life. There are three ways to drive :
            -You take the wheel. You decide everything and God has to follow you.
            -You take the wheel and God sits next to you with the map. He tells you where to go, you listen to Him, but you drive, at your speed.
            -God takes the wheel, and you let him guide you completely.
Well, Gods driving could seem crazy for you (that doesn't mean to say that he would drive too fast but that he would go via some roads that may seem, at times, quite curious)
Yet the folly of God is wiser than that of men. He knows your instruction manual and he takes you where you can be most yourself.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Year B - Pentecost

Pentecost - Year B
Apostles Acts 2, 1-11
Psalm 103
Galatians 5, 16-25
John 15, 26-27 ; 16, 12-15

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-This phrase is the judgement of those who see the Apostles Act, while they speak in other languages. Some are surprised, some choose to mock.
-Here, the rabbit is rather drunk. Visibly, he has imbibed quite a dose of Holy Spirit. (For the children, I point out that one must above all not drink white spirit, it is dangerous and not the Holy Spirit in bottled form!)
-We can distinguish 3 doves and 7 hearts (just as the 7 gifts of the Spirit that we found in Isaiah chapter 11, verse 2 and thereafter)
-The fact that the movements are in white, indicates light.


-Another liturgical detail, this verse (Ac 2.13) is not part of the text for this Sunday (which in fact stops at 2.11) , and curiously enough, we never hear it, not on Sunday, not in the week (unless I am mistaken...). This is why I wished to mention it here.
-To receive the holy spirit, it is not to say that we become, necessarily, as such. It can be externalised in one way or another. That said, what judgement do I have in front of "crazy" Christians ? 
-The white-spirit is used to dissolve paint,  varnish and printing ink (so some hefty stuff). The Holy Spirit does he not dissolve the superficial veneer from our lives, to go deeper? What is my veneer ? How many layers are there ? And if we remove them, I run the risk of being less protected... yet very much more authentic ! I would shine less, but I would have my natural colour.
What is the interest to be shielded ? Do I appreciate shielded people,  hermetic people ? Why ?
If I shield myself, in what way will it distort me ?

Monday, 11 May 2015

Year B - Ascension

Ascension - Year A

Apostles Acts 1, 1 - 11
Psalm 46
Ephesians 1, 17 - 23
Mark 16, 15-20

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A lot of unexpected things in one image. From left to right ;
- A demon expelled from a rabbit (visibly surprised to have such a thing inside him)
- The rabbit who announces the good news , on a background of the rising sun. He only needs to speak for the Lord to act.
- At the front, on the right, the deaf rabbit starts to hear.
- Behind him, silhouetted, the lame rabbit who jumps whilst throwing his crutch.
- And all the way to the right, the dead rabbit is resuscitated and comes out of his tomb jumping as well.
- The decor is simple, there is nothing but nature, we can not see any "human works".
- Man returns to his initial purpose , he came from God and is made for God. The only "instruments" (crutch for the lame rabbit, horn for the deaf rabbit) are now useless.


-In the order of faith, we can do things for God or do things for God. Both are good, but the second is better. If we rely on ourselves, we can accomplish great things which might be fine, but if we rely on God, it will be even better, even if the result is not always perceptible to us. What do I prefer in my heart? How can I implement it this week?

Monday, 23 March 2015

Year B - Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday - Year B
Mark 11, 1-10
Isaiah 50, 4-7
Psalm 21
Philippians 2, 6-11
Mark 14, 1-15, 47

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- Scenery: a deserted town, apart from a person passing by and calling.
- A rabbit who's carrying as much as a mule would, who's walking straight on, and climbing...
- For those who don't know about the story, Cana is the place where Jesus turned the water into wine. If the rabbit offers this little detour, that's only because it would benefit him...


- Let's say that the rabbit with a jar is called C, like "Christian advanced in his faith" and the one behindis called N, like "neophyte" (newborn in faith).
- C is well ahead, he's carrying something heavy, he's almost reached the top, he's struggling... Difficult!
- N is still at the bottom, quite happy, he looks at the bright side of things, he's following the other one but offers an alternative route. Maybe N is right? Despite the fact he's wrong because he's looking for a simple option, his inner attitude is right because he trusts God.
- What about me, do I listen to whomever is "lower than I"? Are "the poors my masters"? Do I let them challenge me? Do I stand my ground and refuse to move an inch?
- To be specific, when did I listen to someone smaller than I, whether it be on the social ladder, the family ladder, or the professional ladder? Did I take their opinion into account?

Monday, 29 December 2014

Year B - Second Sunday of Christmas

Second Sunday of Christmas
Isaiah 60, 1-6
Psalm 71
Ephesians 3, 2-6
Matthew 2, 1-12

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Details and questions

- Three lost wise men, guided by a capricious satnav.
- Two of them are transfixed on the device (their own security).
Not one of the three has seen the sign "open your eyes" (You don't know that one?... you have to get out a bit)
- The rabbit who is behind - place of weakness - it is he who collides with the post (the unforeseen). 
- As a result, he sees 8 stars, one of which is large (8 like le 8th day, day of the ressurection of Christ. The star is also the symbol of Christ; "Shining star of the morning") 
- In the décor, there is only the manger, we cannot miss it... and yet  they do not see what is apparent. And I, what do I refuse to see? By what am I blinded ?
- In the manger, we can only distinguish a cow and a donkey and a crib. We do not see Jesus, nor Marie or Joseph.  No, of course, God could not be in this shabby place, unworthy of Him... What do you think?
- The stars are the same colour as the crowns
The only one who sees the 8 stars is he who has lost his crown, he has become poor, and it is to he that is revealed that which we are all searching.  The two others have each their crown (their power) and their satnav (their riches and security). All that they have found us their incapacity. Maybe they are now on the right track?
- The unexpected events steer us to something where we can find God. Sometimes, a brutal shock can help us understand. Have you experienced this?

Monday, 27 October 2014

Year A - All the Faithful Departed

All the Faithful Departed - Year A
Wisdom 2, 23 ; 3,1 - 6.9
Psalm 4
Romans 6, 3 - 9
John 5, 24 - 29

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- The grey rabbit thinks of his friend, deceased, and past. He is not looking to the future (the eternal life where he will find him). He looks at the ground, not the sky.
- In the sky, very close to me, his friend is there, visibly happy. He tries to make a sign but it is impossible to communicate with him because the grey rabbit does not look in the right place. His ears are turned in the right direction, but his eyes, without hope, take over.


- It has already happened to me to meet some young people (and not only young ones) who have refused to go into a church because it reminds them of a funeral. Is the church a place of death? It is true that there are representations of death (crucifixes) pretty much everywhere... and not all that much which represents the resurrection.
So, I speak to believers; friends, YOU are the representation of the risen Christ in your church, and if you are not, you MUST BECOME IT. If nobody represents the risen Christ, if Jesus arisen is not visible in our living rocks who are we, where and how will the non-believers discover it?
- Another question: How should I consider death? Do I dig into the question? Do I avoid it? How should I understand these two affirmations "I believe in the resurrection of the body and the life of the world to come"? Where will I find the answers? Who should I ask? Why?

This 2nd November, I can remember those who have died and who will form the welcome committee when it will be my turn to pass through the door to the eternal life.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Apostles Acts 12, 1 - 11
Psalm 33
2 Timothy 4, 6 - 8, 16 - 18
Matthew 16, 13 - 19

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- On this drawing, nothing can help this rabbit except his perseverance. There's nothing but water all around him. If he stops swimming, there will be a problem ...


- The second letter of Saint Paul to his disciple Timothy was written shortly after his martyr in 67 AD. We can feel that his end is near.
- "Fighting a good fight", that's sometimes using all of one's strength to ... flee. Like on this picture. To fight against sin can be done by either facing it or running away from it. The same Saint Paul, in his epistle to the romans (Rm 12, 9) says : "Hate what is evil, cling to what is good". Sometimes I overestimate my strengths, I think I will stay strong when facing temptation and I put myself into a dangerous situation in front of temptation. Looking for caution is starting to know myself, to know where I am weak and fragile, and avoid putting myself into situations where I have every other chance to fall. If I stay away from this situation, I will have every other chance to avoid fallling.
- What is the sin that often makes me fall ? Have I taken stock of it ? Do I wave a red flag and wait for it to bite me or do I avoid it by staying away from it ?
- What means do I have to run away from it ?