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Friday, 18 April 2014

Year A - Good Friday - Passion service

Good Friday - Passion Service - Year A

Isaiah 52, 13 - 53, 12
Psalm 30
Hebrews 4, 14 - 16 ; 5, 7 - 9
John 18, 1 - 19, 42

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- The blue rabbit (representing the Christ) is resolutely walking towards his Passion. The mountain is grey, the sky is somber.
- On the other side, wealth (money on the buildings), luxury (sports car), glory (camera in front of the castle, orange colour), easiness (castle life), immediacy (fast plane), pleasure (blue sky), ...
- Right in the middle, a simple sign "give your life" with an arrow pointing towards the difficult side
- The cross is higher than everything else (money, plane, ...)


-In the Bible verse, it is question of "achievement". "My servant will prosper". Indeed he managed to give his life for you. We should put achievement on the left side of the picture. That's not what achievement is. The grey rabbit who's going towards the town can see the other resolute rabbit go past. You can tell he's questioning it. Is he also going to give his life ? What about me ?

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Year A - Good Thursday - Mass of the Last Supper

Good Thursday - Mass of the Last Supper - Year A

Exodus 12, 1 - 14
Psalm 115
1 Corinthians 11, 23 - 26
John 13, 1 - 15

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- Foot washing was a job for slaves, for servants. Jesus wants to show his disciples that you must put yourself at the other one's service, that you must consider them as being above yourself. Therefore, he's on his knees, he's "beneath", contrary to St Peter who is "above".
- The only time when Jesus is "above" is when he's being put there, when he is "put up", on the cross, in a state of total despoliation
- Saint Peter is completely stuck in the way he sees Christ. On the picture, he's in a corner and can't move
- What will make him move is when he will disown Jesus three times. Sometimes, to get back on earth, we don't come down, we fall down


- There's a good thing about falling : you get to see misery. When you've fallen down, you experience the mercy of God who picks you up. When you've fallen down, you become more merciful and more humane towards those who fall. How does that meet my experience ? On which points do I never forgive ? Why ?
- Jesus, to come and meet me, never stops putting himself down. If I try to put myself up, I may miss him. Where are the places or the moments where he can meet me ? How do I encourage these meetings with him in my life ? In my week ? In my day ?