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Monday, 29 December 2014

Year B - Second Sunday of Christmas

Second Sunday of Christmas
Isaiah 60, 1-6
Psalm 71
Ephesians 3, 2-6
Matthew 2, 1-12

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Details and questions

- Three lost wise men, guided by a capricious satnav.
- Two of them are transfixed on the device (their own security).
Not one of the three has seen the sign "open your eyes" (You don't know that one?... you have to get out a bit)
- The rabbit who is behind - place of weakness - it is he who collides with the post (the unforeseen). 
- As a result, he sees 8 stars, one of which is large (8 like le 8th day, day of the ressurection of Christ. The star is also the symbol of Christ; "Shining star of the morning") 
- In the décor, there is only the manger, we cannot miss it... and yet  they do not see what is apparent. And I, what do I refuse to see? By what am I blinded ?
- In the manger, we can only distinguish a cow and a donkey and a crib. We do not see Jesus, nor Marie or Joseph.  No, of course, God could not be in this shabby place, unworthy of Him... What do you think?
- The stars are the same colour as the crowns
The only one who sees the 8 stars is he who has lost his crown, he has become poor, and it is to he that is revealed that which we are all searching.  The two others have each their crown (their power) and their satnav (their riches and security). All that they have found us their incapacity. Maybe they are now on the right track?
- The unexpected events steer us to something where we can find God. Sometimes, a brutal shock can help us understand. Have you experienced this?